As we, The Sanctioned Body of The Culture Center of The New Covenant
Congregation of Israel (NCCI) begin to embark on what will be our final journey
to the covenant land of our fathers as spoken by the holy prophets. We patiently
wait as the time of the promise draw near as told to Abraham by YHWH in
Genesis 15:13-15. With backpacks packed and Yerusalem on our minds, follow
us as we journey through the Door of Hope.
But first lets find out exactly what is the Door of Hope. In Hosea 2:14-15
YHWH says , “Therefore, behold, I will allure her, and bring her into the
wilderness, and speak comfortably unto her. And I will give her her vineyards
from thence, and the valley of Achor for a door of hope: and she shall sing
there, as in the days of her youth, and as in the day when she came up out of the
land of Egypt.”
As we can see the Valley of Achor is the Door of Hope, but why
is Achor so significant? It’s the valley where Achan was stoned for stealing some
of the things devoted to YHWH for himself. At Jericho, Israel was instructed to
destroy all except the silver, brass and gold. These were devoted to YHWH to be
brought into the national treasury once Israel entered the Promised Land. Upon
losing the battle at Ai, YHWH revealed to Joshua that they would be overcome by
their enemies, because Israel had sinned, transgressed His covenant, taken of the
accursed thing, stolen and dissembled, and put it even among their own stuff.
Confessing his sin, Achan admitted he had stolen a Babylonish garment, 200
shekels of silver, and a wedge of gold at the weight of 50 shekels. This story warns
of the danger of taking things devoted to YHWH upon entering into the kingdom
or Promised Land. YHWH will once again plead with his people as stated in
Ezekiel 20: 37-38 after the second exodus from America (Daughter of Babylon)
we will cross the mighty Atlantic Ocean on the ships of Tarshish. Our allurement
into the wilderness (Hosea 2:14-23) will confirm the justification of the firstborn
or First Fruits to Yahshua as the scourging by fire purifies the Sons of Promise.
This 3 ½ year period of persecution will begin what is known as the Great
Tribulation where the revived beast of the Roman Empire, who will be led by 10
kings (Revelation 13:1-3) will once again ruled the earth. As the saints flee from
the face of the dragon(Satan) we (House of Yahudah, the tribes of Yahudah,
Benjamin, and Levi)
will find ourselves once again face to face in the presence of
His (YHWH) Holiness, when 2/3 of our people are purged from among us,
afterwards, the elect of the House of Yahudah (the tribes of Yahudah,
Benjamin, and Levi)
will be led out of the wilderness of Petra after three (3)
years into the secret place where we will be nourished under the blood and grace
of Yahshua under the bond of the new covenant.
      Remember, it was at Achor where the fierce wrath of YHWH troubled our
people because of Achan’s transgression, which ultimately led to his death by
stoning. It will be here at Achor where our transgressions will be stoned to death.
Here lies our Hope! Achan was a man [the old man before baptism] who
harbored secrets, skeletons buried deep in his closet [the earth of his tent] that no
one knows is there, but YHWH. Achor is the place where the “old man” is offered
up and stoned to death. By this, coupled with the key of David the door of the
valley of Achor is unlocked and swings open to us. Hosea focuses on this
prophecy that some Israelites will judge themselves on their former ways and
doings becoming fully dead to sin. It is here He (YHWH) will offer us a new
relationship and marriage proposal (The New Covenant) betrothing Himself to us
in truth and righteousness. After providing sanctuary in the wilderness (Isaiah 35)
and solitude under the bond of the New Covenant, the saints will march to Zion to
take back their homeland from the imposters (so-called Jews, Edomites) who
now occupy it. This will be the event that will cause all the armies of the earth to
amass against “Yerusalem”. What happens next will be the most culminating
event of this age. The heavens will open and the angelic armies will be seen
coming down out of heaven ready to do battle, Yahshua would return right in the
knick of time to fight for and SAVE his people!

      Journey through the Door of Hope tells this extraordinary story through
poems, hip hop & the old Negro/Hebrew spirituals sung by our fathers. Through
the Spirit of Prophecy the Sons & Daughters of YAHS’ Salvation Army rejoice as
we sing a new song, an offering as a sweet savour to YHWH Yisrael through






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